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We design and manufacture laboratory to pilot scale industrial grade fermenters and bioreactors.

Zist Farayand Sanat Saba (ZFSS) Co., focused on bioprocess development and equipment manufacturing, was founded in 2006, in Iran.

zist farayand sanat saba fermenters


Process development of biological products includes recombinant drugs industrial enzymes, vaccines, biofertilizers, food additives, etc.
Development of industrial strains.
Implementation of technology transfer projects for bio-products production.
Investment Advisor in the field of biotechnology.
Providing research services, studies, and technical supervision on biotechnology projects.
Providing short-term training courses and workshops on biotechnology.
zist farayand sanat saba fermenters


Controllable variables

Equipped with a control system for different variables according to customers’ needs.

High quality parts

Using the best sensors and updated equipment in the world.

quality control

Perform FAT and SAT tests and prepare quality control documentation.

perfect results

Accurate professional advice for using devices in various
research topics and production lines.


Perfect technical support for installation, setup, and after-sales services.

customizable products

Accepting orders for build, repair, and replacement of equipment
based on PO.


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National Institute of Genetic engineering and Biotechnology,
Shahrake Pazhohesh,
15th km of tehran-karaj highway, Tehran, Iran.

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