The pilot-scale fermenter manufactured by ZFSS Co., is known as SabaFerm110-P. This product is used for microbial cultures, including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and for the production of various biological products, including medicines, vaccines, enzymes, solvents, biofuels, organic acids, amino acids, dairy industry initiators, animal feed and poultry products, etc. in semi-inductrial to industrial scale.


  • Stainless steel bioreactor tank
  • Mobile
  • Intermediate-size (20L-Industrial Scale)
  • Sterilization-in-place fermentation systems for R&D through Production
  • Cleaning in-place systems based on customers’ order
  • This system has control features such as: Engine speed (RPM), temperature control, pH control, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), foaming control, drainage system and sampling.
  • Equipped with a PID control processor
  • Equipped with PC with touch screen panel
  • Operation parameters and set points are displayed and easily adjusted using flexible software. The Biosab installed on a touch-screen panel PC in the control box.
  • Display the operating time of each of the pumps (acid, base, antifoam and feed)
  • store data in each operation and the ability to read and print them easily.
  • The various stages of the production process of biological products are applicable in accordance with GMP rules.
  • Ability to perform fermentation process in different forms, such as batch, continuous, fed-batch fermentation.