The Bench top bioreactor manufactured by ZFSS Co. Ltd, is known as SabaCell 110. This product is used to cultivate various cell types, including CHO, BHK, etc. and for the production of various biological products, including antibodies, drugs, vaccines, etc. in laboratory and industrial scale.


  • Easy operation.
  • Various vessels 2,5 and 10 liters.
  • Autoclavable several times .
  • Exhaust gas condenser minimizes evaporation .
  • SabaCell 110 is basically equipped with accurate controllers for PH, DO, Dissolved CO2, temperature, agitation and foam level.
  • Equipped with a PID control processor.
  • Equipped with PC with touch screen panel.
  • Operation parameters and set points are displayed and easily adjusted using flexible software. The Biosab installed on a touch-screen panel PC in the control box.
  • Display the operating time of each of the pumps (acid, base, antifoam and feed)  
  • store data in each operation and the ability to read and print them easily.
  • warning based on user defined patterns.
  • SabaCell 110 permits rapid fermentation process development for a broad range of application.