The photobioreactor manufactured by ZFSS Co. Ltd, is known as SabaPlant 110-B. This product is used to cultivate plant cells, photosynthetic bacteria and algae and for the production of a variety of biological products, including plant metabolites, drugs, seeds, biomass and biofuels in laboratory scale.


  • The glass vessels with different volumes and shapes (tubular, reservoirs and cubes)
  • SabaPlant110-B is basically equipped with accurate controllers for PH, DO, temperature, agitation and foam level 
  • Control gas CO2 and RH (optional)  
  • Equipped with a Mass Flow Controller (optional) 
  • Adjusting the intensity of light in three modes: 0, 5,000 and 10,000 lux 
  • It is placed a heat exchanger in Sabaplant110-B in air outlet to prevent the outflow of moisture from the culture medium 
  • Operation parameters and set points are displayed and easily adjusted using a flexible software. Biosab installed on a touch-screen panel PC in the control box. 
  • Store data
  • These bioreactors are mobile and therefore easy to transport.