SabaFeed110 feeding pump


The feeding pump manufactured by ZFSS Co. Ltd, is known as SabaFeed110. This product is programmed to transfer the exact volume of liquid with different viscosities. This machine is equipped with a peristaltic pump, and therefore fluid transferring is carried out in sterilized form (without liquid contact with the internal parts of the pump) and through silicone hoses.


  • Industrial computer with touch screen
  • Control software to select the feed model, parameter setting, programming, calibration, display of changes and information storage.
  • The ability to read accurately and control the pump speed from very low to high
  • The ability to save and collect process information
  • Simplification of cultivation process with high cell density
  • Equipped with a peristaltic pump
  • Equipped with a shaft rotary encoder
  • Equipped with a motor and two power supplies